GanoLife Pyramid Scheme: Rumors Reviewed And Looked At


Is GanoLife A Pyramid Scheme or Scam? You may be reading through pages of GanoLife reviews in an attempt to answer the question, is GanoLife a good company to join and work for as rep? GanoLife pyramid scheme allegations are being looked at for our subject today- Is GanoLife a scam or a advizable home based business is the matter that must be answered.

Tons of people are trying to figure out if GanoLife is a pyramid scam or a legitimate opportunity. Perhaps you are here wondering this very thing. Here we take a close look at the two reasons folks come to the conclusion that a opportunity like GanoLife is a pyramid or scam.

GanoLife Pyramid Scheme Reports Reviewed- Reason #1 The MLM Stigma

What happens frequently with a lot of people is that they so often believe companies like GanoLife are pyramid schemes just because they are Multi-level businesses. There isn’t anything further from the truth. They think this in error because of the common pyramidal shape of such companies.
But every legitimate government, military and corporate institution has the same type of organizational structure. Are these organizations also thought of as pyramid scams because of their pyramidal structure? Certainly not. This type of thinking certainly is totally ludicrous and complete foolishness.

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Not only are the pyramid-like shaped organizations similar in the the government, military, the business world, religious organizations, and in MLM but also the fact that each has rank advancement and achievement levels.

GanoLife Compensation Plan Includes Rewards According To Your Group’s Sales Activity

An important characteristic that sets apart MLM from the corporate world is the fact that Multi-Level Marketing is for the most part a sales business in which individuals are allowed to enlist other people to expand their ranks. With GanoLife compensation plan you earn both on your own production as well as from the sales volume of others “downline” from you.

For this reason its possible as a GanoLife rep you can climb the company ranks and make the money you desire without management politics, resumes or experience needed- just learn what works from a mentor and work hard.

Then What Is The True Definition Of A Pyramid Scheme? FTC Pyramid Scheme Definition

The definition of a pyramid scheme is from the Federal Trade Commission. What it boils down to from reading the FTC pyramid scheme definition is that there are in existence many legitimate Multilevel Marketing companies including companies like GanoLife which is not a pyramid scheme at all by the FTC’s definition. This is because of the fact GanoLife has genuine products that are sold to end consumers.
According to the FTC pyramid schemes sometimes turn out to be hard to spot immediately. However, these schemes all share a single common feature: They don’t market a product of actual value to offer to an end consumer. Pyramid schemes are not product focused with end consumers in mind. Instead they mainly pitch the potential of large profits and recruit people who “buy into” the program. According to Federal Trade Commission website some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply have a product with little to no value. The primary give away that lets you know how for real a particular biz opp is to take a look at whether or not an actual customer need exists for the products offered with any group of individuals. Then also check if there is a refund policy is available for unhappy customers. Legitimate companies offer a solid money back satisfaction guarantee.

GanoLife Pyramid Scheme Allegations Reviewed- Reason #2 So Many Fail

The secondary reason for people believing GanoLife pyramid scheme rumors are true is due to the apparent lack of success experienced by themselves and others who venture into Network Marketing. Lets talk about this problem then focus on the answer to it.

To begin with the actual problem is the absence of professional marketing training and resources for the Multilevel Marketing industry. What would be the result in any field if a person began doing it without any form of proper formal training?

MLM is all about being a marketing professional. This involves product marketing and gathering other distributors. Lets now examine the traditional GanoLife marketing strategy and what happens usually. For the most part, they are trained to grab paper and pen and write down a list of prospects to launch their business of at least 100 folks. The recruits are instructed to include family, people in social circle, former school mates, and so forth. However, more often than not, the scenario that plays out from the warm market list approach is that it rarely translates into success over time for many people. That is if it is the only GanoLife marketing method being used.

This happens because you get to the end of your list after a short while and there is no one else to talk to. Also too some will drop out which is to be expected -building your business is a numbers game.

GanoLife Lead Generation:Generating your own GanoLife Leads-The Key To GanoLife Success

To ultimately have success you’ll need to master marketing beyond your family and friends list and prospect a huge number of people to generate GanoLife leads. Also your marketing technique must go beyond putting out flyers and running after people in mall parking lots and such.

A better approach to marketing would be to utilize an internet based lead capture and follow up system. The replicated websites provided by most network marketing companies can’t provide this function. What is needed instead is a system that allows the targeting of actually interested and qualified prospects beyond your family & friends on the internet. The system would need to be able to capture the prospect’s contact details(email) and send marketing messages on your behalf. is such a generic system and provides a simple, non-tech, newbie friendly approach to being set up and used for any multi-level business. This particular recruiting and lead capture system evens provides a way to generate revenue while training you drive traffic and capture targeted leads for your buisness. The best part is that you can test it out completely free. Get complete details at

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