Is Amway A Pyramid Scheme Scam Or A Genuine Company?


Amway Pyramid Scheme Rumors – Evidence Revealed

Is Amway A Pyramid Scheme or Scam? You may be searching through numerous Amway reviews wanting to know is Amway a good company to join and work for as representative? Amway pyramid scheme reports are going to be analyzed here in this posting- Here we discuss the two different reasons business opportunity seekers conclude that a opportunity like Amway is a pyramid or scam.

Reason #1 for the Amway Pyramid Scheme question is attributed to the “MLM stigma” that generally is associated with Network Marketing
What happens frequently with huge numbers of people is that they automatically assume companies like Amway are pyramid scams simply because they are Multi-level biz opps. Nothing actually is further from the truth. They assume this wrongly because of the common pyramidal structure of such companies.
But every legitimate government, military and corporate institution has also this type of pyramidal structure. Are these institutions also considered pyramid scams because of their triangular structure? Of course not. To conclude such certainly is totally ludicrous and complete foolishness.

Not only are the pyramidal structures similar in the the corporate world,the government, military,religious organizations, and in Network marketing but also its true as well that each allows for rank advancement and achievement levels.

Amway Compensation Plan Includes Compensation Based On Your Group’s Production

An important thing that sets apart Network Marketing from the other segments is the fact that Multi-Level Marketing is primarily a sales business in which individuals are allowed to recruit to expand their ranks. With Amway compensation plan you are compensated both on personal productivity as well as from the sales volume of others on your team.

For this reason its possible as a Amway rep you can rank advance and write your own paycheck without management politics, resumes or experience playing a factor- just learn good marketing techniques and work at it.

Then What Is The Real Definition Of A Pyramid Scheme? FTC Pyramid Scheme Definition

The most accurate definition of a pyramid scheme is from the Federal Trade Commission. What it amounts to from reading the FTC pyramid scheme definition is that there are many legitimate MLM income opportunities including companies like Amway which is not a pyramid scheme at all by the FTC’s definition. This is because of the fact Amway has actual products that are sold to end consumers.
According to the government pyramid schemes sometimes turn out to be not so easy to spot immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic: They don’t sell a product of actual value to offer to an end consumer. Pyramid schemes are rarely product focused with end consumers in mind. Instead they mainly pitch the potential of large profits and recruit people who “buy into” the program. According to US government’s FTC website some schemes may act as though they sell a product, but they often simply have a product with little to no value. The primary check that determines how for real a particular biz opp is to take a look at whether or not an actual customer want exists for the products being sold with any group of individuals. Then also check on what kind of refund policy is available for unhappy customers. Legitimate companies offer a solid money back satisfaction guarantee.

Amway Pyramid Scheme Allegations Reviewed- Reason #2 The Failure Rate

The secondary reason for people assuming Amway pyramid scheme accusations are factual is due to the apparent lack of success experienced by themselves and people they know who attempt Multi Level. The actual reality is that just as many fail investing in standard brick & mortor ventures. According to Forbes a whopping 80% fail at these every day brick & mortor ventures.So then is it reasonable to associate financial loss with scam in every case when it come to multi-level ? Perhaps not. Lets discuss this problem then take a look at the solution to it.

To begin with the true problem is the lack of professional marketing training and resources for the Multi Level industry. What would happen in any field if a person pursued it without any form of proper formal training?

Multilevel Marketing is all about being a marketing professional. This involves product marketing and recruiting. Lets now examine the normal Amway marketing strategy and what happens usually. As it goes, they are instructed to look at cellphone contact list and write down a list to get prospecting efforts going of at least 100 or more people they know. The recruits are asked to include kin folk, acquaintances, co-workers, and so forth. However, generally, the scenario that plays out from the cell phone list is that it rarely get lasting results over time for many people. That is if it is the only Amway marketing method being used.

The reason why is you come to the end of such a list eventually and then you have nobody to pitch your deal to. Also too people quit which is just human nature -recruiting will always be a numbers game.

Amway Lead Generation:Generating your own Amway Leads-The Key To Amway Success

To truly have success you must go beyond your “people you know” list and market to hundreds of people to generate Amway leads. Also your promotional tactics must not be merely handing out flyers and chasing people in shopping malls and such.

A much more professional approach to marketing would be to utilize an web based lead capture and follow up system. The replicated websites provided by most Multi Level companies can’t provide this function. What is needed instead is a system that allows the targeting of better qualified prospects beyond your warm market using the web. The system would need to be able to capture the prospect’s contact details(email) and send marketing messages on your behalf.

A FREE Amway Lead Generation System To Help You Make Money With Amway

An answer to the lack of leads problem is actually completely FREE. The Free Leads For Life Forever System is a simple, non technical, newbie friendly business building system that can be used for any mlm business. This particular MLM lead capture system even provides a way to generate revenue while training you drive traffic and capture targeted leads for your business. Get complete details at

The Free Leads For Life Forever System solves the seven most difficult obstacles that mlm distributors have regarding putting together a web based lead generation system. Just to mention the most significant of the issues addressed…

1) Saves You Money- At $0.0 cost it eliminates the upfront and on going cost such a valuable lead generation system generally would cost you. The system even includes free hosting for your system, an auto-responder, and professionally crafted auto-responder messages to promote you and your opportunity.
2) Saves Your Brain Cells- With other systems an extreme learning curve and overwhelming difficulty to implement generally goes with them – With the Free Leads For Life Forever System you can easily have your system up and running with a few mouse clicks.
3) Saves You Tons of Time- Other such systems not only are expensive but take months to implement completely.
4) Provides Marketing Education – Fills the need for cutting edge online marketing training with weekly live webinars and archived training videos.
5) Income Source -Provides a upgrade option with money making benefits and an affiliate program that may produce possibly substantial income which can also further help in marketing your business.
6) A Viral Marketing System- In Network Marketing the ideal is to have a “duplicatable” marketing strategy available to your team. Such a system solves the “attrition” drop out rate. The fact that this system is no cost and straight forward to use means you have a potentially viral marketing machine at work for you and your organization promoting your opportunity all over the web.
7)Provides Immediate Value For List Building- Having our system instantly provides you with value you can give away. By owning the system you are able to offer others the system as well. It then becomes simple to attract potential recruits to opt into your email list.

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